How to use & store your Creams & Salves...

To help maintain the freshness of your goodies it's best to;

Store them away from heat & direct sunlight, so in a cool, dry, dark area.
Use only clean fingers with scrubs and balms, to help keep them germ free.
To avoid contamination please make sure lids are sealed airtight when not in use.

When stored & used correctly sugar scrubs and balms have a shelf life (once opened) of 12 months.

How to use & store your Deluxe Soaps...

To get the most out of your handmade soaps we recommend that you;

• Store them away from heat & direct sunlight, so in a cool, dry, dark area.
• Keep the soaps dry in between uses - so don't leave it sitting in pool of water.

• If you won't be using a bar for a while, pop it into a paper bag, to keep the essential oils scent strong.
Soaps should be used within 12 months of purchase. 
• Rub your soap over wet skin & then work up a lather as normal. Splash on some more water = bubbles galore! 

Disclaimer to remember...

ALL of our goodies are handmade, FRESH, in small batches.

Our goal is to make all our products as natural as possible. Because of this extra care is needed by you to ensure your product remains fresh and germ free, which we've listed above. "Beguile" can't be held accountable for product spoilage if the above recommendations are not followed.

We've included explanations and descriptions of what all the ingredients we use have been shown through research to help with - in a naturopathic and herbalist sense. We are not intending the information provided to be taken as sound medical advice.

"Beguile" cannot be held accountable for any intentional misuse of our products. They are created to assist with topically maintaining your skin in a natural, healthy way. "Beguile" will not be held responsible in the event using any products internally or for any purpose other than stated.
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