Naturally Better

During our busy and stressful lives, many of us are searching for ways to find a more natural balance. Everyday we can take in toxins and chemicals through our skin. Many of us are now concerned by the high use of chemicals and the conflicting media messages surrounding the body care products that have become a part of our daily lives.

The human skin wraps and protects our bodies, and it has the remarkable ability to absorb skincare products, partially or completely, into the bloodstream. Switching to natural products can help you avoid using harmful chemicals, as many skin problems such as acne, dermatitis, irritations etc can actually disappear once petroleum or synthetic ingredients are no longer applied.

We invite you to try our wide range of natural, quality, affordable products. All our products are carefully formulated from natural plant waxes, plant oils, essential oils from flowers, barks and spices, as well as richly coloured mineral pigments, to naturally provide the care you need and deserve.


Dangerous Ingredients to Avoid in Cosmetics and Possible Negative Side Effects;

Several chemicals which are used in common, popular cosmetics are known irritants and carcinogens (chemicals proven to cause cancer). Concern stems from the knowledge that most of these ingredients are derived synthetically or from petroleum. Avoiding these substances serves to decrease overall exposure to harmful or irritating cosmetic ingredients.

DEA, MEA, TEA - Causes allergic reactions, irritating to eyes and dries out hair and skin (Fairley, 2001).

Formaldehydes - Preservative - Causes skin reactions - Imidazolidinyl urea is the second most identified preservative causing contact dermatitis (Fairley, 2001).

Parabens - Petroleum product - Triggers skin irritations and may be an xerestrogen (Fairley, 2001). May play a role in falling sperm counts and rising breast cancer rates (Fairley, 2001). Used in 99% of all commercial cosmetics (Fairley, 2001).

Sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate - Forms carcinogenic nitrogen compounds when combined with specific ingredients - Irritating to eyes, skin and lungs (Antczak, 2001) - Harmful if swallowed and may cause damage to eyes (Antczak, 2001).

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