Our Soaps Benefits

Why choose a natural handmade soap? It's simple really...

You will feel the difference they make to your skin!

People often comment they can't use store bought soap because it dries and irritates their skin. Once you try our soaps, you'll feel the difference immediately. The rich creamy lather gently cleanses and tones your skin without causing dryness, and you'll be surprised at how soft and smooth your skin is after washing. The scent of pure essential oils will delight your senses to!

Our deluxe soaps are made from pure vegetable oils, milks, botanicals, mineral clays and pure plant essential oils. We start with plant oils such as australian grown olive oil, asian rice bran oil, tropical coconut oil, and certified organic shea butter, combining them in various amounts to get the best of their individual properties. These oils are slowly hand blended to preserve their vital nutrients and skin care properties, and then we add beneficial herbs, mineral clays, botanicals, pure plant essential oils and various other ingredients to really pamper your skin. Once all the natural ingredients are blended together, the mix is poured into custom made wooden moulds, and the real soapmaking process begins! It takes on average 12 hours for the soap mix to heat up on it's own, and then to cool down and become solid soap. When they are ready, the soap 'slabs' are un-moulded and hand cut into logs, and then into our LARGE bars. Each bar is then placed onto drying racks where they areair dried for a minimum of four weeks. Finally, each soap is carefully inspected, weighed, and shelved, ready for you to enjoy. It truly is an amazing process!

The main difference between our handmade soaps and store bought, skin-drying soaps, is that our natural bars retain the moisturising glycerin that is naturally formed during the soap-making process. Glycerin is a humectant, that attracts moisture to your skin. Soaps you buy in stores are not actually soap, but are detergent bars made with synthetic ingredients, detergents, foaming agents and a whole list of unpronounceable chemicals added, which are harsh on your skin.

Commercially prepared soap has the glycerin completely removed, and is then sold to you in lotions or creams. This creates a nasty cycle for your skin, as commercial soap dries it out, then you have to put chemically filled creams and lotions to try and moisturise it, which can then cause even more problems!

Chemicals in commercial bars (including 'Glycerine' or Clear & Melt 'n Pour) and other products;

Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulfate (SLS and SLES) - Found in virtually every shampoo, toothpaste, body wash, bar and bubble bath product available today. SLS is actually a synthetic chemical caustic detergent that is used in the most powerful engine degreasers and stain cleaners/dissolvers. It's a known skin irritant and can cause a dry, itchy scalp and dandruff as well as corrosion of hair follicles leading to hair loss. Again there are NO warnings on products it is in...

DEA/MEA/Parabens - Possibly the most dangerous chemicals to be included in personal care products are the ammonia derivatives which are known to have hormone disrupting effects. This includes diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA) and monoethanolamine (MEA).

Mineral oils can coat the skin like a plastic wrap, and don't let it breathe.

PEG can strip the natural moisture and leaves the immune system vulnerable.

Sulphates and Petrochemicals can be harshly irritating on the skin.
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